Unique Cultural Experiences

Tsodilo Hills

World Heritage Site, Tsodilo Hills is home to over 3,500 rock paintings dating back some 1,200 years. Located in the northwest corner of Botswana, Tsodilo was made famous by Laurens Van der Post in his book ´Lost World of the Kalahari´. Tsodilo Hills is a magical place, which we can attest to based on the powerfully vivid dreams we all had whenever we visited.

Markham, Macallan, and Nomsa expoloring a cave at Tsodilo

Tsodilo is currently off the beaten track but is undergoing the development of a master management plan. While this will be the best way to preserve the Hills, it will change the experience as high-end lodges are erected around the outskirts of the site. You can arrange for a two day trip solely to the Hills or your stay can be combined with fishing and birding on the Okavango River.

Cultural Walk

Join the Mbukusu and N|ôâxom tribes for a three day walk along the eastern edge of the Okavango River. This walk is put on by the Temacane Trust and we helped them develop the route and cultural activities and gain experience in guiding when we managed the fund raising walk through the area for Y Care Charitable Trust. You'll experience the beauty of these small villages and meet the communities that have thrived here for centuries.

Watch a Mbukusu Healing Dance

Get a look at how people lived before the telephone, electricity, and the computer took over the world. This is not a luxury trip, since you'll stay in local villagers' homes and eat traditional food, but an incredible experience that you will never, ever forget. You'll even have the opportunity to witness a healing dance around the fire. See Cecilia's "Notes from the Bush" for a commentary on our experiences with the Mbukusu, elephants, broken axles, and deep sand while conducting the walk

For more information about Cecilia's project to help remote area dwellers and women in Botswana!

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