Lodge based Trips

We work with several of the small lodge management companies. Our goal is to provide you with the experience you want while maximizing the economic benefit to the people of Botswana. We believe these smaller operators provide a better experience at a lower cost, and also funnel more of that money back to the communities than the larger safari operators who are usually subsidiaries of large corporations based in South Africa.

Our tours are customized to what you want, your budget, level of luxury/comfort, and your interests, Plus, we take into account the time of year. The natural world is dynamic, animals migrate, the rains come and go, and plants grow and die off. We've seen a huge amount of what Botswana has to offer and will work with you to develop a trip that lets you see many of these spectacular events and wonders. Check out some of the possible destinations.

Are you interested in just seeing the incredible wildlife, or do you want to experience the vibrancy of the many African cultures? Are you interested in seeing how various aid and development organizations are trying to help? Or maybe you'd like to actually join in and lend a hand? Do you want to go places only a handful of people have ever seen?

Lodges in Botswana typically are based on Meru tent accommodations due to laws requiring that lodges on public land (technically) must be able to be removed in 24 hours. While these laws are not strictly enforced, there is an incredible effort to build the lodges out of local materials and to fit into the local environment. However, there is no compromise in luxury. The food is five star, with excellent wines, and tents are like none you've ever seen before. Inside are equipped with king sized beds, full bathrooms with granite countertops, claw-footed tubs, luxurious leather arm chairs, and teak furnishings.

Please contact us with your desires. We'll work with you to provide you with the safari of a lifetime. Several lodges start their pricing at $350 a night with most starting at around $500 pppn.

Through friends we've made, we have exclusive access to a luxury hunting camp and concession that is over 1350 sq mi, has no inhabitants, and has had less than 200 visitors from its inception little over five years ago. The camp is used only for a small part of the year for special hunting trips but can be booked out for exclusive use. This would be an amazing family reunion or destination to celebrate a milestone anniversary or birthday. Think of the exclusivity of your own four star camp complete with staff, a range of activities including game drives, guided walks, poolside cocktails, and the best and the wildest of game viewing right in your own bedroom suite...

Cecilia and I had one of our coolest experiences while staying at this camp.

In the middle of the night, Cecilia whispered to me, "Pete, are you awake?"

"Yes", I always say that, whether or not she's awoken me. But actually, this time I had been awake, wide awake.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah", I whispered. It had been the softest of sounds, just outside the chalet. There the slightest almost imperceptible of groans came from the raised wooden platform. While it had been the gentlest of touches, there was a "feeling" that the sound had been made by something with a substantial weight.

"What was it?" The fear in her voice was real. She also had "felt" the weight in the sound.

"Leopard." I said with confidence, assuring her that her suspicions were correct. "Now, go back to sleep." I said, as if that would be an easy thing for me to do. Ah, but that was just it, just another night in Africa and another tale we'll be twitching to tell...that is, if we lived to tell about it...

For more information about Cecilia's project to help remote area dwellers and women in Botswana!

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